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SWBAT: Explain the rise of Byzantine in conjunction with the fall of Rome.
SWBAT:Explain the significance of the Byzantine Empire and its lasting impact.
SWBAT:Explain the origins of halloween.
SWBAT: Demonstrate mastery of Unit 2 Content on Empires and Religion.
SWBAT: Identify the author’s claim and the soundness of reasoning for that claim.

DAY 1 of UNIT 3
Do Now:
Read the Background Essay and answer questions.

>>Complete Debates from FRI
1. Discuss reading questions
2. __Crash Course__

EQ: What is the significance of the Byzantine Empire AND its lasting impact?
>Scholars read and discuss Docs. B, C, D
>Use Docs B, C, D to answer essential question.

HMWK: Study Guide
Byzantine Article
Do Now: 2 Options-
What is the scariest movie you have every seen? Why?

Write about a scary experience you have had. What made it so scary?


(to be provided by Missick)

Study for Unit Test
Unit Test

Read: Southernization by Lynda Shaffer
Do Now:
What is southernization?

1.Discuss author’s claim and use of evidence. Agree or disagree?
2. Southernization Map Activity
3. Answer reading questions together.

Exit: Assess how the author uses evidence to support her claim.

HMK: Complete Map 2 and Matrix from Southernization packet

**See teacher in L04 after school for Form A