Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
SWBAT: Develop claims using evidence.

Do Now: Define the following: barbarian, brilliant and read section summary

Discussion Question: Was Genghis Khan barbaric or brilliant?
>What were achievements/characteristics of Khan that might suggest his brilliance?
>What do we know about Khan that might suggest he was barbaric?

1. Do now
Begin answering discussion questions
2. Background Essay and questions
3. __Crash Course__
4. Mongol DBQ doc analysis.

Students work to answer Discussion questions. Students will discuss on Tuesday.

(Underwood) HWK; Complete Mongol DBQ analysis

Missick HMWK: Background Essay Timeline

Assigned Docs, answer question, "Why were the Mongols so "Barbaric"?
SWBAT: Develop claims using evidence
SWBAT; Initiate and participate in collaborative discussion using evidence to support claims

Do Now: What is one piece of evidence that would support that Khan was brilliant? What is one piece of evidence that would suggest Khan was barbaric?

1.Do Now share out
__2. Ted Ed Trial of Khan__
3. Students discuss, Was Khan Barbaric or Brilliant?

-Assess: Was Khan barbaric or brilliant? Write a claim paragraph using evidence from DBQ

Missick (7th): ACE the SAQ for each of the documents in the packet 1-10, " How Barbaric were the Mongols? Was Khan brilliant?"
SWBAT: Explain the significance of African Kingdoms using evidence to support claims

Do Now: What would you do with $1million a day for 1 week? Rules: You cannot have more than $1m/day; you cannot save it, whatever you don’t spend you lose; you may not spend all of it (any day) on yourself.

1. Do Now share out
2.Section Summary West African Kingdoms
3. __Mansa Musa Ted Ed__
4. Read SHEG Docs
5.__Crash Course Mansa Musa__
:40) What prejudices have been applied to Africa with regard to its history?
(1:30) What interesting event happened when Mansa Musa visited Alexandria?
(2:10) What were European impressions of Mansa Musa and how did that impact Africa?
(4:00) How and why did Islam spread from North to West Africa?
(7:00) What is the Swahili civilization?

Discussion Questions: What is the legacy of Mansa Musa?
Why is Mansa Musa an oft “unheard of” historical figure?

HWK: Read __Guardian Article The Plundering of Great Zimbabwe__
SWBAT: Assess the extent the author uses evidence to support claims and counterclaims.

Do Now:
1. Section Summary East Africa
2. __Great Zimbabwe video__
3. What can we learn about Great Zimbabwe: political structure? Religion? Art? Culture?

Discussion: How did Europeans try to diminish the accomplishments of Zimbabwe? Why?
SWBAT: Interpret words and phrases in context.
SWBAT: Evaluate the author’s use of claims.

Standards Assessment:
“Salt Worth It’s Weight in Gold”
Common Lit

HMK: Read article on Black Death
and answer reading guide questions.