Day 12
Day 13
SWBAT: Explain how people of the 14th century understood the Black Death

Do NOW: Do you believe in luck (both bad and good)? Do you have any superstitions? Do you believe there are forces at work that cause blessing or harm in your life?

1. Background essay Questions
2. History Channel Video __
2. How did people of the 14th century interpret the black death?
>Analyze SHEG Docs
>Students discuss

HWK:Complete analysis questions from SHEG docs
SWBAT: Compare perspectives from multiple texts

Do Now: Standards Assessment

Why was the plague so devastating for Europe?
Doc Analysis and discussion.

Assess: a. Describe how the Bubonic Plague spread through Europe.
b. Identify the symptoms of people infected with the plague.
c. Describe the reactions of people to the plague and explain why some people were blamed.
d. Explain why, in your opinion, the Bubonic Plague was so devastating to European society.(Use evidence)
**See teacher in L04 after school for Form A