Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
SWBAT: Assess the author’s reasoning for soundness

Do Now: Section Summary: The Renaissance in Italy

1. Review Do NOW
2. Crash Course Renaissance
-What is Greene’s claim?
-What does he use for evidence?
3. Group Discuss
4. Master’s of the Renaissance Trading Cards
-Students are assigned a character and begin creating a card that answers the following:
-Who is it?
-What did he/she do?
-Why is this person significant to the Renaissance?
-Why would this person’s achievements be considered a MOST significant achievement compared to others? (Students must make their claim citing at least 2 pieces of evidence)

Student’s work should represent this artistically on their cards, with little text.

Complete Trading Cards
Read Background Essay and Questions
SWBAT:Describe the artistic, literary, and intellectual ideas of the Renaissance

Do NOW: 1. Was the renaissance really a “rebirth” or was it simply a copy of the Classics? (Collect)
2. Section Summary: Renaissance in the North

1. Discuss Do NOW
__-Masters of the Renaissance__
3. Students complete trading cards.
4. Begin battle rounds to determine who had the greatest achievements. (5 minute speed round in groups-THEN winners from each table compete)

Exit: How did Renaissance art change from the middle ages?

HWK: DBQ Doc Analysis
SWBAT:Describe the artistic, literary, and intellectual ideas of the Renaissance

Do NOW: Standard Assessment: “The Prince”
-Discuss: Is it better to be feared or loved?
2.__The Prince Clip__

ACE the SAQ:
Do you agree with Machiavelli?

3. DBQ Analysis review in groups/class

DBQ Essay outline
SWBAT: Make a claim supported by evidence.
SWBAT; Explain humanism

-DBQ: How did man’s view of himself change?

HWK: Get plenty of rest for Q2 Interim
Q2 Interim
**See teacher in L04 after school for Form A