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Day 32
SWBAT: Identify a claim and analyze the soundness of evidence.

Do NOW: In your opinion, which of these were the greatest invention/discovery? (Fire, Wheel, Magnifying lenses, compass, paper, gunpowder, or printing press) Explain your answer.

1. Do NOW responses.
2. DBQ: Exploration or Reformation: Which was the more important Consequence of the Printing Press?
>Read the background essay and answer the questions. Go over these together after students have a chance to read and answer.
>Quickly review Docs A and B as we have essentially already covered this
>In groups, students answer doc questions 4 and 5 of Doc C. Discuss as big group.
>Groups work on Docs D and E and answer Doc analysis questions. Discuss as big group.
3. In groups, students will write a claim/counterclaim to answer the DBQ question.
4. Each group share out claim/counterclaim.

HWK: ACE the SAQ on their own. Exploration or Reformation: Which was the more important consequence of the printing press?
SWBAT: Identify key explorers and motivation for exploration

EQ: Why were European explorers looking for new routes to India?
EQ: What motivated the explorers?

Do NOW: Read the Historical Context Section of __DBQ: Age of Exploration__ and Doc 1 and answer Doc 1 Question.

1. Review Do Now responses.
2. Look at Doc 2 Together as a group and answer Doc 2 Question as it relates to Document 1.
3. In groups (Rigor discussion model) students will read and discuss Docs 2-6 and answer each question for the Docs.
4. Answer: EQ: Why were European explorers looking for new routes to India?
EQ: What motivated the explorers?
5. __Crash Course Mariners__
>Compare the accomplishments of Zheng He, deGama, and Columbus
>How does this answer the EQs?

HWK: Read __The Columbian Exchange by Jake Thurman__
Begins on pg. 32

Finish Documents from European Exchange Packet
SWBAT: Use primary and secondary sources to explain the truth about Christopher Columbus
SWBAT: Explain the Columbian exchange

What was the purpose of Columbus’ voyage to the New World?
Analyze the painting. Describe what is going on in this scene.

1. Students will be given 5 excerpts from Columbus’ journal. Read the excerpts and summarize each.
> Discuss the realities of Columbus’ treatment of indigenous people
2. __History vs. Christopher Columbus__
3. The Columbian Exchange: What is it?
> Excerpts from Crosby and Discuss Article from Tuesday
4. Watch __Crash Course Columbian Exchange__ and answer __questions from PDF__

__Columbian Exchange DBQ__
>Students read excerpts and answer analysis questions

Documents 1-4 in Columbian Exchange DBQ
SWBAT: Evaluate an author’s claims and analyze evidence
SWBAT: Explain causes and effects of CE

Do NOW: Answer conceptual thinking from Crash Course:
At the end of the video, John cites Alfred Crosby’s views on the Columbian Exchange, which are rather bleak, and asks the questions: Are longer, healthier lives for more humans worth the sacrifice of an impoverished biosphere? And more importantly, how will your conclusions about those questions shape the way you live your life? Given what you know and have just viewed, answer these questions as best as you can.

1. Discuss Do NOW
2. Review DBQ Questions
3. Esssay:
“The Columbian exchange has left us not with a richer but a more impoverished genetic pool. We, all of life on this planet, are the less for Columbus, and the impoverishment will increase.”
Professor Alfred Crosby in The Columbian Exchange Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492
Using the excerpt above, answer parts A, B, and C.
a.Explain Crosby’s argument.
b.Identify and explain two developments that support Crosby’s argument.
c.Identify and explain two developments that refute Crosby’s argument.
Winter Wonderland
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