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Day 37
SWBAT: Explain causes of the Slave Trade

1. Write down the best part of your holiday break and the worst part of your holiday break. Explain each.
2. Do NEXT: (Review) What is the Columbian Exchange? How did the CE impact humans?

1. Share out Do NOW.
2. Read Section Summary 15.4 and answer questions. Discuss Answers in groups.
3__.Ted ED Video__ on AST. As students watch have them complete a Cause and Effect T-Chart.
>Students discuss Cause/Effect (both short and long term) in groups.
4. DBQ Document Analysis 1-10.
5. ACE: How did the absence of humanitarian concerns influence the treatment of slaves during the slave trade? (At least 3 pieces of evidence).

HWK: Complete ACE
Start Study Guide

Missick/Mann Per. 1&2: Finish Docs 1-10 from class
Start Study Guide
SWBAT: Explain the justification for the Trans-Atlantic Slave

Do NOW: What is the middle passage? Why is it called the middle passage?
KWL: What I know of the middle passage> What I want to know> What I have learned>

1.Share out Do NOW in groups.
2. Video: __The Middle Passage__
3.SHEG Docs Middle Passage
-Read each passage either as a whole class or in groups and answer questions>discuss each passage.
4.Complete Graphic Organizer based on Docs
-Evaluate the reliability of docs and analyze author’s claims of each
5.Video: __The Slave Auction__

Exit Ticket: What are 3 things you learned today about the middle passage?

HWK: Read and annotate __An American Tragedy__
Study Guide

Missick/Mann: Finish SHEG documents and questions A-E from class
SWBAT: Explain the lasting effects of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Do NOW: The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence starts as follows: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, What is ironic about this phrase from the DoI? Is it true? Explain.
1. Share Do NOW responses.
2.Crash Course __Atlantic Slave Trade__
>John Greene discusses the notion that slavery throughout history is justified by dehumanizing or creating a sense of “otherness” of those enslaved by their oppressors. What does he mean by this “otherness”?
How has this been used throughout the history of slavery?
How did this sense of otherness contribute to racism in the US? How is this still perpetuated today?
3. Discuss __“An American Tragedy”.__
Discussion Questions:
> Why is inequality in the US not just an economic problem? How is it a race problem?
>How do African-Americans suffer from “pariah status”?
> Why is there a rift between blacks and whites concerning the importance of race in American life?
>How might conservatives (particularly white) dismiss racial issues in the US?
4. EQ: How does slavery in the US contribute to racial problems today? (Students research each with Chromebooks)
Slavery→ Jim Crow → Great Migration → Segregation (housing and education) → White flight → Incarceration→ Police Brutality

HWK: Study Guide
SWBAT:Explain how all human beings have human rights independent of their race, ethnicity, and religion.

1. Do NOW: Reading Assessment
2. SG Q&A
3. Review game: Jeopardy or Fish Bowl.

HMK: Study for Unit Test
SWBAT: Demonstrate mastery of Unit 3 content

Unit 3 Exam
**See teacher in L04 before or after school for copy of form A