Half Day 40 min. Periods

SWBAT: Explain the significance of the Ming

Do NOW: What is “isolationism”? Is it good or bad to be isolated?

EQ: During a time of European expansion, why does Asia NOT do the same?

1. Discuss Do NOW
2. __Ming Dynasty__ clip from History Channel.
3. DBQ Analysis: Should We Celebrate the Voyages of Zheng He?
4. Compare Zheng He to Columbus

Exit Ticket: How does Zheng Compare to Columbus?

HWK: Complete Analysis questions from DBQ
SWBAT: Analyze a variety of documents to evaluate the extent of Asian Isolation

Do NOW: Reading Standard Assessment (short) from Missick/Mann

1. Do Now review
2. How does Zheng Compare to Columbus
3. Analyze docs from DBQ Isolationism and the Ming Dynasty.
-Read Docs in groups and each answer questions; discuss each before moving on.
***Note: This is time for reading instruction, particularly word meaning in context.
4. ACE: How did isolationist policies affect the Ming?

HWK: Finish ACE if not completed in class.
Read China’s response to the West

Missick/Mann: Docs 1-5
SWBAT: Analyze a variety of documents to evaluate the extent of Asian Isolation

Do NOW: What was China’s response to the West (based on article from last night)?

1. Discuss Do NOW
2. What is nationalism?
3. Crash Course __Nationalism__
4. Read and Discuss The Seclusion of Japan.
5. Which was the greater threat, Christianity or Trade?
6. Why did the Japanese seclude themselves? Was this a good decision?

Compare Chinese Isolationism to Japanese Isolationism

HWK: Read Eurocentrism and Myth of East Asian Isolationism

The Seclusion of Japan. and 5 Questions of Analysis
SWBAT: Analyze the religious influence of conversion religions v. Eastern religions

Do NOW: Reading Standards Assess

1. Review reading
2. Discuss Eurocentrism article
3. Discuss:
Christian Conversion vs. Eastern Religion
-Discuss: Christianity is the most prevalent religion and how that is related to the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, and forced conversion of Natives compared to traditionally Eastern religions which do not promote conversion (especially not forced conversion).

Compare European Expansionism to Asian Isolation. What role did religion play? How did this diminish the accomplishments of Asia?