Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
SWBAT: Analyze a variety of sources to evaluate the impact of Napoleon
Do NOW: Napoleon Common LIt Reading Assessment

1. Read Section Summary--Summarize the content and identify the main idea.
Discuss Do NOW
2. TED Ed: __Napoleon on Trial__
3. Discuss: Napoleon Hero or Villain (Complete Discussion Sheet)
4. Class Share out discussion

Did the French ultimately achieve the goals of the French Revolution? Explain.
SWBAT: Explain the stages or patterns of revolutions

Do NOW: Read the model of a Revolution. Identify each stage in the context of French Revolution

1.Discuss Do NOW
2. During class discussion scholars complete graphic organizer of stages of revolution. Use French Revolution as Model.
3.Gene Sharp’s Dictatorship to Democracy and complete discussion questions on handout “Monkey See….”
4. Go over Revolution performance task.

HWK: Research and identify Revolutionary issue for your own revolution
SWBAT: Identify how Revolutions in Britain influenced other revolutions

British Revolutions:
-Civil War
-Glorious Revolution
-Magna Carta to Bill of Rights

HWK: Read and answer questions Road To Revolution
SWBAT: Identify how Revolution in America was influenced by enlightenment thinkers.

Do NOW: What were the causes of the American Revolution?

1.Discuss Do NOW
2. __Crash Course American Revolution__
3. Discuss Road to Revolution Questions
4. How does The American Revolution Draw on the Theory of Natural Rights,? What evidences can we see of Enlightenment Philosophy?
>The Declaration of Independence

HWK: How was the French Revolution different from American?
SWBAT: Identify how Revolution in America was influenced by enlightenment thinkers.

EQ: Why was the American Revolution the embodiment of the Enlightenment’s political dreams?

Do NOW: Read Jefferson and Rush quotes and annotate, AND answer reading questions

1 Discuss reading questions in small groups
2..Share out to BIG Group discussion.
3. Answer AP question in groups and then share out.

HWK: Scholars answer AP questions individually.