Day 26
Day 27
Day 28
Day 29
Day 30
SWBAT: Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources with regard to the social impact of the IR
Do Now: Photo Analysis

__Video: The Children Who Built Victorian England (15 mins.)__
SHEG→ Factory Life Docs A-D (As you read...annotate. What is point of view? How does this change your perception of what you’re reading?)
Do you think English textile factories were bad for the health of working class families?

Claim paragraph

Complete document D with one sentence summaries per paragraph (min. 4 sentences)
SWBAT: Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources, with regard to the economic impact of the IR
Do Now:
Section Summary New Ways of Thinking

1.Discuss Do Now
2.Capitalism Clip Crash Course (Coincides with Industrial Revolution)
Take Notes
Labor Unions Clip
What were the goals of Labor Unions?
Why were Labor Unions necessary?
How did unions give rise to the middle class?
What is collective bargaining?
What is a strike? How would this be effective?
What are some recent examples of a strike? What were the goals? Was it effective?

Turning Point FRQ from AP WH Students identify and explain an economic, political, and social turning point as a result of the IR.

SWBAT: Explain the motivations for imperialism

Do Now: Section Summary:Building overseas Empires Disregard the Questions at the Bottom. Double Highlight instead 1) Highlight Key Ideas 2) HIghlight misunderstandings.

1.Discuss Section Summary: Tell the Story
2. __Crash Course Imperialism__
3. DBQ Poster Project Students read short documents that highlight the 6 motivations for Imperialism
4. Students create a Movie Poster or Propaganda Poster that illustrates the 6 Motives for Imperialism.

HWK: Section Summary Carving Up Africa

SWBAT: Describe the effects of imperialism

Do NOW: Discuss Section Summary:Carving up Africa from night before. Each group be ready to tell the story.

1.Discuss Do NOW
2. Watch __Brief History of European Imperialism__
3. __The White Man’s Burden__
>Discuss reading questions together
>What is the main idea of WMB?
4. Continue Work on DBQ Poster Project

HWK;Complete Poster Project if not done

SWBAT: Analyze secondary source documents to evaluate the effects of Imperialism in Africa
SWBAT: Determine word meaning in context.

Common Lit Assessment: __The Scramble for Africa__