Mon. 9.18
Tues. 9.19
Wed. 9.20
Thur. 9.21
Fri. 9.22
SWBAT collaborate with peers in order to use documents and maps to make a claim about the past
SWBAT use claim, evidence and reasoning in order to craft a well structured argumentative essay
SWBAT: Define Religion and SWBAT: Compare and Contrast Point of View with regard to competing worldviews
SWBAT: Determine Central Ideas from a primary or secondary text
SWBAT: Synthesize material from multiple texts.
Do Now:
Get in groups and quickly prepare for presentations.

Project Presentations:
5-7 minutes each
Finish Presentations
Unit Test

Unit 1 Test

HWK: Bring an apple (to eat) on Wed.
Do Now: Define the following:

1. Do Now
2. What is real?
-Allegory of the Cave
3. 4 Worldview models
Do Now:
Read and analyze Blind Men and the Elephant

1. Do Now and discuss
2. Religious literacy test
-grade and discuss
3. What do you want to learn about religion?
4. Introduce final philosophy of religion performance task.

HWK: Do All religions share a common thread?

See teacher in L04 before or after school for FORM A
Do Now:
Do all religions share a common thread? ACE it!

1. Do Now-Go over and discuss
2. Students will analyze excerpts from religious texts to compare and contrast the texts as well as content of the texts.
See teacher in L04 after school for Form A