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SWBAT: Compare and contrast various texts about a topic
SWBAT: Compare and contrast various texts about a topic
SWBAT: Compare and contrast each of the world religions.
SWBAT: Analyze religious symbols.
SWBAT: Compare and contrast various texts
Do Now:
1. Pick up a Chromebook upon entry.
2. Define the following terms: doctrine, zealot, scripture, fundamentalism, adherent

1.Discuss terms with groups
2. Each group will be given a religion comparisons chart and assigned one of the 6 major religions to research and complete that portion of the chart. Students may use World Religion text or __ Students may also view videos for content.
3. Students will create a slideshow that highlights the information from their religion so that when they are sharing out they have a visual to accompany their discussion. Use pics as much as possible and little text.

HWK: Complete any information not completed in class, including PPT.
Do Now:
From your research yesterday, based on your religion, what did you find the most interesting? Most surprising? Most troubling?

1. Students share out their findings from the different religions
-divide groups up so there is one representative from each of the six religions at each table.
-students each have 5 minutes to teach the rest of the group about their respective religion.
-utilize the PPT presentation to help with visuals
Do Now:
Which of the religions is most attractive to you? Why? Which is the most undesirable? Why?

1.Students will work with their groups to complete a chart that predicts how each religion would answer the WorldView questions. (30 mins.) 4 minutes narrate behavior.

2. Whole class discussion that compares and contrasts the beliefs of each of the religions. How are they similar? How are they different? This should be mostly student led based on RIGOR model. Teacher facilitates.
Do Now:
How have you personally been misguided or misunderstood religions?

Discuss Do NOW:
1. Students will select a religious symbol and draw that symbol. Use your creativity to maintain the essence and beauty of the symbol while adding your own personal touch. Do NOTHING that would demean the symbol.
2. Explain the symbol and it’s meaning. Students will work on this for 20 minutes then share out the meaning behind their symbol. Each group member must select a different symbol.
3. How does religion promote prejudice?

HWK: Read and annotate
1. Pick up a quiz and begin working.

Quiz- Religion Assessment: Students will complete a 3 part quiz on what they have learned about religions with a skill focus on determining the central idea of a reading. This quiz will include multiple choice, a short answer comparing the “Golden Rule” for several religions, and finally a longer essay response about a news article on Coexist Bumper Stickers.

2. Performance Task work-time
**See teacher in L04 after school for Form A