Day 9
Day 10
Tues. 4/17
Day 11
Wed. 4/18
Day 12
Thur. 4/19
Day 13
Fri. 4/20
SWBAT: Explain the causes and effects of the Russian Revolution

Do NOW: What is a revolution? Generally, what are some reasons for revolutions?

1.Discuss Do Now
2.__Russian Revolution Short Clip__
3. Russian Revolution Causes and Effects DBQ with questions. Divide by groups
>Students discuss each cause with accompanying docs and questions
>Answer questions and use illustrations/symbols for each cause.
4. __Epic Russian Revolution__
(If time permits) Follow along video with cause and effect notes.

HMK: Make sure all C/E questions are complete for Wed. Finish whatever is not completed in class.
PSAT Testing
SWBAT compare and contrast Fascist leadership styles

Do Now: What was a cause of the Russian Revolution?

1. __A Short History of the Interwar Period__
Discussion Questions:__Interwar Years Questions__
2. Using Chromebook to gather more research, students will be comparing the leadership styles of Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin.

>__Rise of Hitler__; >__Stalin__; >__Mussolini__
>What is fascism? __14 Points__; Fascism Clip

Homework: Essay on Fascist leaders: Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin.
SWBAT anaylze the Great Depression as a global experience.

__A Short History of the Interwar Period__
Discussion Questions:

1. Historical Context: The Great Depression
2. GD: A Global Experience
>Students answer and discuss photos from the GD in groups.
1. What is happening in this photo?
2. Where was the photo taken?
3. When was the photo taken?
> Students will then plot the GDP per capita figures for each country. (Read GDP per capita explanation first).
>Students answer the questions.
__Great Depression Docs__

Missick HMK:
(1st and 2nd) Essay due 4/20 11:59pm
(6th and 7th) Essay due 4/20 8:00am
SWBAT identify relations between past and current events by reading an author’s opinion-based reading on Defense Strategy

Do Now: What are the Interwar Years?

1. __Lessons on Defense Strategy from the InterWar years__